Within Temptation

Bleed Out 2024 Tour

Within Temptation

Within Temptation is going on tour - with a stop in Sweden. On October 9, they take over Annexet!


Within Temptation is one of the biggest bands in the symphonic metal genre, captivating audiences worldwide for two decades. With their seven studio albums, they have solidified themselves as one of the most successful heavy rock bands in the world. In just a few weeks, the upcoming album 'Bleed Out' will be released, and next year, they embark on a tour.

The band's unwavering commitment to their craft and their ability to address deep political themes with weight and power make them a persistent force in the world of dark, epic music. The band is known for their grandeur and intensity on stage. They have headlined some of the largest festivals in Europe and left an unforgettable impression on every stage they've conquered. Within Temptation must be experienced live!

Dates & times

  • Wednesday
    October 9, 2024

    • 7:30 PM

Before the visit

Before the visit

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